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Ginkgo Biloba

Through my blogs I hope to provide information regarding various alternative therapies, natural remedies, herbal tips, and lifestyle techniques.

Join me and embrace a new and exciting life full of energy, with a source of healing skills at your fingertips.

For example:

Ginkgo Biloba is a proven natural treatment for Alzheimers, Dementia, Cataracts, Tinnitus, High Blood Pressure, Migranes, and PMS! 


Time for me!

What does the word 'freedom' mean to you? 

In the true sense it is stopping the clock and making time for yourself no matter how short the time, it is that period where you can do what you wish to do.

We are slaves to the clock and dictated to by each second it ticks away. Taking even five mintues to step out side your work place or your home and breathing a different air is more therapeutic than you can appreciate. 

Changing your body position, your environment, and the people around you, all add up to positive effects on your mindset. Instead of taking a 'smoking break', take a 'walking break'; spend the allowed 10minutes taking a walk to allow mental freedom and to stimulate circulation of blood and lymph.


Mindfulness is the practise of recognising thoughts and feelings in their true forms and not allowing them develop into negative restrictive behaviours. Mindfulness teaches us to regularly let go of these negative thought patterns and release this energy.

Developing new positive behaviours introduces coping mechanisms that influence your actions and reactions to stimulus. Simple tasks, such as awakening a little earlier than normal and taking 10 deep slow breaths of fresh air before doing anything else, surprisingly introduces a neutral acceptance of the new day ahead and eliminates the possible negative mindset of the previous day!


Magnet Therapy

I have been using magnets in the healing I do for many years to great effect, not only on patients, but on animals and also myself, so the health benefits I know, are very real.

I then came across this more advanced combination which only improves and expands the range of health benefits it has to offer.

Many clients that wear a magnetic bracelet daily find a dramatic reduction in severity and occurence in headaches particularly migraines, better quality of sleep and reduction in insomnia, clearer mind and better concentration, stress relief and the effects of stress, reduction in arthritic pain/ inflammation in joints giving better mobility, improved circulation and the utilization of oxygen around the body, better immune system, and many more benefits. I myself (I always try to experience a product before I recommend it), used the bracelets due to developing a version of carpal tunnel that required surgery; I was amazed at the speed I noticed the benefits, pain literally vanished within hours and the healing of the wounds after surgery surprised the medical staff!

These bracelets I have decided to sell which offer the following  additional benefits:-

Neodymium Magnets- improved immune function, eases dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, clarity of mind.

Far Infrared Ray- promotes growth of healthy cells, improves circulation, regulates blood pressure, improves healthy metabolism, eases pain and inflammation.

Negative Ions- improves sleep quality, increases oxygen absorption and utilization.

Germanium Powder- shields you from the electromagnetic radiation in our daily life, and reduces fatigue.

No side effects have been associated with magnets but it is not recommended that pregnant or lactating females use them. 

Any natural remedy is better than overloading your body with chemicals, but of course they do not replace a qualified diagnosis.

And they look great too!!

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Soleil xx



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CBD Oil the new wonder healer!

I am delighted to be able to supply top quality CBD oil. I have been looking into this new 'wonder healer' for sometime, however, I will not support anything that I do not believe in or that I do not feel it is good quality. 

This supplier provides a totally organic oil that can be traced back to the seed and offers total transparancy. Definately confidance building right here!

CBD oil is getting an amazing amount of good publicity now and has actually been given support by the World Health Organisation, after they acknowledged there are no health risks using the Hemp based CBD, which contains no THC which is the addictive mind altering chemical.

The oil can be used whilst on medication as it does not interact with it, and produces no side effects! Benefits all the way.


Even though technically we cannot say what conditions the oil will cure, we CAN say it is beneficial in the treatment of:-

Parkinson's disease

Alzheimer's disease






ME/ Chronic fatigue syndrome/ Fibromyalgia

Pain relief

Stress relief

Joint inflammation

and many many more

Be very careful of synthetic fakes that are available as these WILL cause issues, search for 'organic hemp oil' or take a look at the oil we are promoting. 

It is taken in drops under the tongue, hold it in your mouth for a few seconds then swallow. 

I can also provide creams, gummy sweets, and extra strong oil, please simply enquire via the contact page for prices or to order.