Feng Shui... the art of changing your life!

The ancient art of Feng Shui enables you to enhance the flow of positive energy in your home so promoting harmony, health, prosperity and opportunites for all within the home.

Each consultation includes :-

*A removal of geopathic stress from your home

*Analysis of how the chi energy is flowing through your home or work place. Indentifying areas of obstacles.

*Assessment of astological influences (using Flying Stars, Nine Star Ki, and Kua numbers).

*Symbolic imagery to enhance the flow and aid balance

*Providing the correct positioning of funiture for maximum benefit

*Providing you with your 'lucky number' and your 'lucky direction'. These are personal to the individual and enhances positive energy if used.

*Use of correct, lighting, decoration and colours for each area.

*A full report on my finding, what i removed, advice on what to change and how to solve any issues


The results can literally be life changing! 


Consultation Price:

A Bungalow or Flat.......     £150

A two storey property........  £299


Please note a £100 deposit is taken to confirm the booking.

*The balance is required on the day of the consultation.

*I also offer 3 staged payments to help spread the cost, but i will not release the report until the final payment has been made, and this is required no later than 8 weeks after the consultation.