True health is a gift for all of us

Good health should not be restricted to the few but be available to everyone from every background. Knowledge, tools and the ability to control your environment are the basic building blocks.

Natural health is not about obscure healing regimes or beliefs, it is about stopping the poisons of modern living, both physical and emotional, unbalancing our bodies and causing our systems to mutate.

Modern medications come with many side effects and often cause more harm than they cure. Nature provides the answers, remedies, and the healing energies to transform our bodies back to health. 

Working with the energies of life that are all about us allows me to channel what  is required using various holistic techniques, to rebalance and rebuild my clients lives.


I have been gifted and blessed to have many tools that have been perfected over my many years helping people.

  Disclaimer: Soleil Healing does not claim to diagnose or cure illnesses