True health is a gift for all

Balance is everything

Good health should not be restricted to the few but be available to everyone from every background. Money does not bring health but correct lifestyle and the knowledge of a balanced living.

Natural health is not about obscure healing regimes or beliefs, it is about stopping the poisons of modern living, both physical and emotional, unbalancing our bodies and causing our systems to mutate.

Modern medications come with many side effects and often cause more harm than they cure. Nature provides the answers, remedies, and the healing energies to transform our bodies back to health. 

Psychic and Mediumship Readings

This is not just about 'who is coming into my life', although this can be important, it is also about helping a person find/identify what is missing in their life, and/or connecting with a loved one to help both move on. A reading provides guidance in many ways and on many levels, answering questions and highlighting new oppotunities.


heals the mind, body, and spirit, it can heal traumas from the past and can reduce the stress of future events. It can break addictions, reduce long standing health issues, remove negative attachments, improve self confidence and many many more benefits. Animals both large and small respond incredibly to Reiki which highlights it is not something that requires faith, it simply requires you to want to change. Once all areas are returned to natural balance and negativity is removed the body begins to heal. The effects can be instant but long standing  issues can take longer, the normal number of treatments required are four sessions. 

Distant healing

can be somewhat confusing and can create skeptism, but it does work equally as successfully as one to one treatments. The healing energy is focused on yourself just as if you where in a treatment room, but to you via the Universal Energy waves. This can be more suitable for people with limited time or mobility, and also location is no longer an obstacle. You simply arrange a time and and relax in the comfort of your own home, or even whilst at work!         


  Disclaimer: Soleil Healing does not claim to diagnose or cure illnesses

Energy and Blockage Removal

By combining various skills I can assist with the removal of hurdles that have caused you frustrations and lifelimiting obstacles. These blockages can be attached to your location, your past lives, your early years, the people you have been invoved with, your career, or trauma.                                                                                              With this healing, I can identify points from your past lives that have been brought into this life and these are addressed,  trauma from the past, the land your home is on that may have its own scars or energy points, if there are issues or areas within your home that requires attention, and i provide a full report after with the healing.

EFT and TFT Therapy

Emotional Freedom Technique is a type of intervention therapy involves a technique called TAPPING or a psychological acupressure.

This is a self help therapy involving talking and actions to assist in the rechannelling of your energies.

Break the cycle