Reiki Healing

regain control over your life

This is carried out one to one in person, in the person's home or location ie hospital.

*reduce painful conditions

*help break addictions

*ease stress related conditions

*remove deep rooted blockages/ trauma/PTSD

*helps migrane sufferers

*anger/depression/ mood swings

*weight loss

*asthma/allergies/ sinsitivity

*many more


Direct Treatment (for North Wales, Cheshire & Merseyside only)  £35 per appointment          

Course of four £120 

Distant Healing £25 per appointment

Course of four £90

Please use the contact page for making enquires or a booking

Love All Living Things

the freedom is nature's gift of health

All animals large and small can benefit from Reiki and they all enjoy the treatments.

*those suffering health issues

*rescued animals in sanctuaries

*mistreated animals who suffered  trauma

*stressed animals

*competition animals

*aids illness recovery 

*behavioual issues



Direct Treatment (for North Wales, Cheshire & Merseyside only)   £25 each appointment

Course of four £90

Distant Healing £15 each appointment

Course of four £50

Tarot Readings and Psychic Counselling

Tarot Reading

I am a gifted psychic from a long line of spiritual people. I practice psychic guidance and tarot readings to help people understand their situations. Assisting in the removal of negative energies and blocks. 

These readings are undertaken via the telephone, therefore you can remain in the comfort of your own surroundings. My clients are worldwide and I accomodate the different time zones

Short reading 20mins for £20 

Longer readings  45mins £45

Please use the contact page to enquire or make a booking.


Counselling/ Life Coaching

Our lives can sometimes become confusing and cause us to become stressed and withdrawn.

We can find ourselves in a spiral of negative cycles that can begin to control our lives. Let me help you to stop this cycle and retake control of your life with Mindfullness and CBT. Sessions are undertaken via the telephone therefore you can remain relaxed and as anonymous as you require. 

Sessions £60 each 1hr appointment

Course of 5 £250

Please use the contact page to make enquires or a booking



Payments are through PayPal or direct bank transfer

EFT and TFT (Energy Freedom Therapy)

This therapy involves a telephone or video consultation to assist in the addressing of the core issue, then an explanation of the treatment involved. Tapping is a self help tool combined with additional advise to assist in your healing progress; you will be shown or advised as to how and where you tap and the additional process required.

Each session is one hour

£50 per session

£200 per course of 5

Energy/ Blockage Removal

This is to remove blockages and obstacles that have held you back in your life.

This is done remotely, all that is required is a head and shoulders image of yourself and your location (you do NOT have to provide your full address). A telephone report will be conducted with yourself after the clearing.

It is recommended to have a follow up clearing one month after the initial one


£30 per session 


All payments are via Paypal or Bank Transfer

Balanced Mind Body & Spirit