Reiki Healing

After developing my healing skills to Master Level and seeing the amazing benefits Reiki offers, I am happy to claim to have helped people worldwide so distance is no object. I do this is by remote healing which allows the person to remain in the comfort of their home or location.

The benefits of Reiki ...

*reduces painful conditions

*help break addictions

*ease stress related conditions

*remove deep rooted blockages/ trauma/PTSD

*helps migrane sufferers

*anger/depression/ mood swings

*rebalances chakras

*heals trauma

*many many more

Distant Healing -£30 per appointment

Course of four £110

Please use the contact page for making enquires or a booking

Love All Living Things

the freedom is nature's gift of health

Please message for healing therapies for animals





Tarot Readings and Psychic Counselling

Spiritual Counselling

I am a gifted psychic from a long line of spiritual people. I provide spiritual guidance and tarot readings to help people understand their situations. By identifying the negative energies and blocks it then enables freedom of choice to return and offers a way forwards. 

These readings are undertaken via the telephone, therefore you can remain in the comfort of your own surroundings. My clients are worldwide and I accomodate the many different time zones.

Short reading 20mins for £20

30mins for £30 

Longer readings  45mins £45

Please use the contact page to enquire or make a booking.

Payments are through PayPal or direct bank transfer

Energy/ Blockage Removal

This technique is to remove blockages and obstacles that have held you back in your life. If you have ever felt that you are repeating cycles, always struggling to move forwards, and or finding life is just too overwhelming; then it is very likely you have a build up of negative energies that have developed their own energy force that is keeping you stuck in place.

This is done remotely, all that is required is a head and shoulders image of yourself and your location (you do NOT have to provide your full address). A full report will be provided highlighting everything discovered and any addition advise that is recommended. An additional telephone call can be conducted with yourself after the clearing should you wish to ask questions.

It is recommended to have a follow up clearing one month after the initial one

£30 per session 

All payments are via Paypal or Bank Transfer

Balanced Mind Body & Spirit

Colour Healing

This is an amazing therapy where colour is used to identify and rebalance abnormalities in your mental, physical, and emotional areas. 

Light is the giver of life and within light is a world of colours. Our auras contain these colours and so when there is a weakness in any of these colours, or should we require more of a particular colour, we can assist our body's needs by flooding it with the necessary colour/s.

Marketing companies have been aware of the influence of colours on our emotions for many years and use these techniques to make things more desireable. 

By using similar tools we can help ourselves and influence situations by using specific colours to improve or calm events around us.

This therapy is available remotly thereby allowing the client to be at ease in their own home. All that is required is a full body image and location (full address is NOT required). 

A full report will be emailed after the session including how to use colours to improve the clients life. Depending on the problem two session are adviced with a 10 day gap between them.

One session £45

Two sessions £80 (must be booked at the same time) 

Pain Management

If you have been suffering pain for over 6mths it has become a chronic condtion and therefore you are more likely to be finding yourself on regular pain medication.

This actually does not have to be the case.

There are many holistic ways of managing your condition without resorting to main stream mediction that deliver many side affects and addictions along with pain relief.

I offer tools to manage your condition and assist in returning your life to your control again.

This therapy is undertaken via telephone calls, therefore no inconvience to the client is travel is a problem. 

It consisits of counselling, advise, teaching of different techniques, if literature is required then it can be posted or emailed.

It is a fortnightly appointment for the first 3 sessions then monthly for 2 months.

Each session is £30 for a 1hour appointment.