Health, Love, Happiness, Harmony & Balance

I am a Reiki Master, Feng Shui Master and Gifted Psychic & Healer

The Universal healing energy can be directed to heal and balance the lives of both people and animals.

I am a Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Feng Shui Master, Gifted Psychic and Medium, Life Coach and Counsellor, EFT/ TFT Master Therapist, and someone who has studied and worked in the alternative medicine  industry for over 30yrs.

I offer counselling, guidance, and both direct and distant healing treatments for people 

Distant Reiki Healing treatments and distant therapies are equally effective and offer the same wonderful benefits with accessibility wherever you are located in the world.  

Treating people and seeing the wonderful results achieved, also proves that alternative therapies are NOT about belief or auto suggestion.