Health, Love, Happiness, Harmony & Balance

I am a Reiki Master, Gifted Psychic & Healer

The Universal healing energy can be directed to heal and balance the lives of both people and animals.

I am a Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master Gifted Psychic and Medium, Life Coach, EFT/ TFT Master Therapist, and someone who has studied and worked in the alternative medicine  industry for over 30yrs.

I offer counselling, guidance, and both direct and distant healing treatments for people 

Distant Reiki Healing treatments and distant therapies are equally effective and offer the same wonderful benefits with accessibility wherever you are located in the world.  

Treating people and seeing the wonderful results achieved, also proves that alternative therapies are NOT about belief or auto suggestion.

...I had been suffering from persistant chest infections and also happened to mention I have poor mobility due to arthritic knees. After two treatments I was breathing and sleeping better, and it was only when my wife commented that I had come downstairs without my stick that I realised the  pain in my knees had gone!   Bill from Wales

...Soleil has only been working on my dog for a few days, but there is already a difference in him. He suffers from severe arthritis and because of dodgy inside, can't take many tablets. He already is so much brighter within himself, and more of his old playful self. I didn't honestly expect to see results straight away, but I am so pleased at the difference. He is walking further each day!   Christine from Barnsley

...I had been feeling 'lost' for quite a while and could not break a cycle I found myself in. After a series of calls I find myself now back on track and incontrol of my life. Thank you for bringing clarity back and I will certainly keep up with the advice you gave me. Rachel from Glasgow say I was on the wrong path was an understatement, with a series of bad choices and wrong partners I was going downhill fast. Thank you Soleil for redirecting me, I couldn't have made those new decisions without your support x Ben from London